Landing your first coding job can be tough. You might feel like the whole world is against you. I get that. Here is how to land your first coding job…

It took me years to get to the point where I had a confident system of landing a programming job. Now, years later it doesn’t seem like such a big deal.

So, I guess you get to benefit from my nearly two decades of triumphs and failures.

Surprisingly, I’ve found one habit that will get you a coding job or any other job and you can do it every single day.

Before I tell you, I need to tell you how I landed my most recent job, because it is instructive.

How To Fail Forward

Years ago, I found myself in a situation where the company I was working for as a contractor wasn’t going to pay me what they owed for the previous two months. It was a real bad deal and they had a history of not paying their contractors.

So, realizing that I had to move fast to find a job. Thus, I went to every job board I could find and started applying for jobs that I qualified for. I was knocking out 20–50 applications a day because getting a job WAS my job for that week.

When I ran out of job boards I hit up friends on twitter and Facebook.

When I ran out of friends I found more job boards.

Every day I was applying for jobs. Non stop.

No Excuses!

In the end I applied for over 100 jobs. It might have been closer to 200. I kept track on a spreadsheet somewhere…

The point is, I was relentless because I have a family to take care of. One way or another I was going to land a job.

Within a week I had a couple interviews lined up and after that I landed a job the week after.

To be sure, I was quite fortunate to land the job I landed.


I did everything I could to make sure I landed a job that paid the bills. I left no stone unturned.

So Here Is The Lesson…

If you want to get a job, fill out lots of applications, go on lots of interviews, and let the numbers game work in your favor. Eventually some combination of practice, action, and statistical success rate will work in your favor.

On a daily basis, that means you should fill out at least one application a day if you are just looking. Do 10–20 applications a day if you need a job right now.

Now at this moment you might be saying to yourself, “But Brian, that sounds like a lot of work!”

Yes. That is the price of success. Nobody is going to hand you a job just because you want one. You have to go out and hunt down your job.

You got to get fired up about this if you want your first job to be even a decent job. You can’t leave this to chance.

Apply For (at least)One Job A Day

Show up every day and APPLY FOR AT LEAST ONE JOB. Do that every day, seven days a week, until you get your first job. Also, you aren’t allowed to stop because you got an interview or a call back. No sir, that’s not how this works.

You can stop applying when you accept an offer (in writing if necessary) and have a start date. Too much dumb stuff happens otherwise.

That’s the trick, or at least the first part of it. There is more to the story of landing a job, but none of the other stuff matters if you aren’t putting in job applications every day.

So, I guess the question now is…

What job are you going to apply for today?