I’ve had a lot of people ask me how to start learning to code, especially in Python. So, after enough people asked, I created a course to teach anyone how to code with Python.

The Secret To Building Your Coding Skills

The #1 thing anyone can do to build their skills with programming is to write code every day.

The #2 thing anyone can do to build their skills is to create working software.

Those two things in my experience drive about 80% of the skill improvement in programmers. The last 20% tends to be language/framework details, architecture, and sometimes advanced algorithms.

To Learn Python You Must Code Python!

But really, learning Python is really about practicing writing code with Python. So, from my view the most useful approach to learning Python is about writing Python code every day while building a real software application.

This is approach I modeled after martial arts, where people are taught to punch and kick by practicing punching and kicking (this is an oversimplification to make a point obviously).

And in a martial art like Taekwondo, even black belts practice the basic punches and kicks, even if they can do flying spin kicks and board breaks. Fancy things are fun to show off with, but in a real fight (like a UFC fight in an octagon), you see a lot of jabs, straight punches, round kicks, front kicks, etc.

So it is with code. Most of coding in Python is working with variables, loops, if statements, and functions.

The key to becoming fluent with Python as a language is to get used to doing those basic variables, loops, if statements, and functions over and over again until it’s second nature.

A Good Python Tutorial Is…

A good tutorial for Python is one where you are going to get a lot of practice writing Python code until it’s comfortable. That is the most effective way to really learn Python (or any other programming language).

Write Python code every day!

So, that is how I approach teaching Python I created a course where the student starts with nothing and step by step, one day at a time, creates a working daily journal application in Python.

That makes the most sense to me based on the last two decades of writing code. The best coders, like the best martial artists, are the ones who train consistently and really nail the fundamentals.

I Created A Course Based On That Concept

Students who take my course get practice of writing code every day and building working software.

Other courses seem to take other approaches. Some focus on language details or programming concepts, but few focus on building working, useful software. I personally believe that is a mistake, but even with a less effective learning approach, with enough time at the keyboard anyone can learn Python.

I just hope if you are on the path to learning Python, you find a approach that works for you.


P.S. If you are interested in taking my Python Course, it is available inside the Code Career Genius Academy