This is a common question and one that many people might struggle with. There is no right answer exactly.

You see, there are different levels of learning. Many people make the mistake of confusing learning with mastery and those are two very different things.

A more useful way to look at learning something is asking “how long will it take to be comfortable doing this thing?” So, for example with Python, how long will it take for you to feel comfortable writing Python code?

Learning Python Depends On One Thing

I’ve studied this myself and with my students and I’ve come to a useful conclusion.

It all depends on how much Python code you write.

Learning anything is about deliberate practice. And many researchers have spent lifetimes trying to understand how to practice, how much you need to practice, what ways are the most effective. You can go read books about this topic and they are all fascinating.

However, it comes down to a simple principle. You must practice every day with consistency. Or as I tell my students…

Write Code Every Day!

When you are learning Python, the act of writing even one line of code each day will do more for your skill than anything else. You can read 100 tutorials and take dozens of courses, but if you don’t sit down and write some Python code every day, you’ll never learn Python.

So, when I created my beginner’s level Python video course, I designed it with this principle in mind. It’s a 30 day course where each day you walk step by step through the process of writing the next bit of Python code, and then you are given the homework to write the code yourself.

It seems tedious at first. But after just 30 days of this you have created your own working Python application. More than that, you’ve written hundreds of lines of code. And you’ve practiced every day for a whole month!

The Power Of Habit

That is enough to kickstart the habit of writing code every day. Stick with it long enough and it is “just what you do”.

You have no idea how powerful that habit becomes after years and decades. In my own experience, it is the difference between failure and success as a programmer. That one little habit.

And it’s available to you or anyone else who wants to learn Python. As you read books or tutorials, type out every example yourself. Run them. See what happens!

So I Guess My Answer To The Original Question Is This…

In just 30 days of daily practice with Python, you can get comfortable writing Python code every day. You can build the habit that will allow you to continue to learn and grow your skills every day. And that will save you years of wasted time.

If you want to make that process as easy as possible, I recommend my course Zero To Python In 30 Days. It is available inside the Code Career Genius Academy so go sign up now and get started because starting today is the first step to learning tomorrow.