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What Are Your Top 3 Tips For New Programmers?

There are three things that new programmers must learn to do. These take years to learn, so give yourself time.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Javascript Without Any Frameworks?

There is a huge benefit to using JavaScript without any frameworks…

Can A Single Software Engineer To Scale An App To 1 Million Users?

The short answer is yes. The longer answer is, it depends on the engineer.

If Programming Languages Had Honest Slogans, What Would They Be?

I’m going to come up with as many as possible off the top of my head, so this is a kind of Rorschach test answer. What could possibly go wrong?

How Long Does It Take To Learn Python?

This is a common question and one that many people might struggle with. There is no right answer exactly.

What Motivates Software Developers To Build Great Software?

I think it depends on the software developer. We are all motivated differently to achieve different things.

How Many Lines Of Code Do Professional Programmers Write Per Hour?

The answer to this question is surprising because you would imagine the number to be high and perhaps the better the programmer the number to be even higher…

What Are The Biggest Career Mistakes Made By Programmers?

Most people attempting to answer this question would mention very useful things about tactical mistakes and they will miss a very big strategic mistake that is incredibly common.

Why Is Python Beating Java Nowadays?

There are many reasons that Python is beating Java. Actually, hold on a second. What does “beating Java” mean?

How Many Lines Of Code Can You Write In A Lifetime?

The question of how many lines of code that you can write in a lifetime is really interesting. In many ways it is really kind of an odd question.

As A Software Developer, What Career Advice Changed Your Life?

I’m not sure where I first found this video clip from Steve Jobs back in the 90’s, but it’s one of those things that really changed the way I look at the world.

What Harsh Truths Did You Learn During Your First Year Working As A Software Developer?

I’m not sure if I learned all of these lessons the first year or in the first couple years, so while imperfect, it’s a good list I think of things that early career software developers usually learn the hard way.

What Is The Future Of Python?

Programmers often find themselves wondering about the future of our profession. I think that’s a huge wasted effort.

What Is The Best Way To Learn To Code From Scratch?

Because of my writing on Quora, many people come to me asking how to learn to code from scratch.

What Makes A Good Software Engineer?

There are many technical things I could list for being a good software engineer or even a great software engineer. However…

Why Do Programmers Like Java?

I’m going to say something controversial, then I’m going to answer your question…

What Do Programmers Generally Do All Day At Work?

On average day, programmers will often find themselves doing the following things, in no particular order…

When Does A Programmer Become A Senior Software Engineer?

So, I’m a Senior Software Engineer and I’ve been one for quite some time. I will tell you a few things about getting that title and what it actually means.

How Should I Start Learning Python?

I’ve had a lot of people ask me how to start learning to code, especially in Python. So, after enough people asked, I created a course to teach anyone how to code with Python.

Why Do Programmers Wear Headphones While Programming?

There is one critically important reason to wear headphones while programming.

Why Do Programmers Use Multiple Screens?

In my experience there are two reasons for programmers using multiple screens…

What Skills Do Self-Taught Programmers Commonly Lack?

If I had to pick one skill self-taught programmers lack, it would be a skill that almost all programmers lack. It costs most developers somewhere in the range of $2.1 million dollars (excluding interest) over a 30 year period.

Is Contributing To Github Projects The Only Way A Newbie Programmer Can Get A Job?

You don’t need GitHub projects to get programming jobs. There is an easy way to get jobs, but most people aren’t smart enough to figure out this dumb trick.

Why Doesn't Apple Make Their Own Search Engine?

Apple is paid about $3 billion a year to use Google as their default search engine on iOS. It might be the most profitable thing Apple does.

What Is The Hardest Skill To Teach In Software Engineering?

NOTE: This was originally published on Quora, but also has been republished on Forbes and Apple News. Enjoy! -Brian

The Simple Learning System

I get asked the question a lot, “How do I learn how to write code?” or “How do I become a programmer?” Since there is such demand, I thought it would be a good idea to clarify the approach I use to learn anything related to code.

Why Do Some Developers Prefer Mac OS X Over Linux Or Windows?

This question popped up on Quora a while back and people liked the answer. So, here is an updated answer to “Why do most of the developers in Silicon Valley prefer OS X over Linux or Windows?”

Why Ruby On Rails Is So Popular

Ruby on Rails (or as it’s called now Rails) is one of the most popular web application frameworks of all time. But, why is Rails so popular in the first place?

How Much Money Does An Entry Level Programmer Make?

The range of income for an entry level programmer position is big. There is as much as a $80,000 per year range in the United States. So, it’s worth digging into a bit to explain that.

The Real Technology Pay Gap

There is a huge pay gap in the tech world. Some blame it on gender or ethnicity or location, but it’s actually something else…

Is Software Development A Dead-End Job After Age 35?

I’m in my 30’s and I would say that this is one of those questions that has a yes and no answer to it. Though, not for the reasons you might expect.

What Is The Best Skill For A Software Engineer To Have For The Next Decade?

Originally I answered this question on Quora and it caused quite a ruckus. I figured you’d get a lot of value out of it in a new, better edited form.

Is It Worth Learning How To Code Anymore?

Some say that every app idea already exists. Every great software company and social network are already built. There is no way to compete with that. So, why learn to code at all?

Why Is There A Shortage of Software Engineers?

One question that comes up every now and then is, “Why is there a shortage of Software Engineers?” There is good money in writing software, so why isn’t everybody doing it?

Do I Need A Computer Science Degree To Be A Programmer?

This is a very common question. Is a Computer Science degree required to be a programmer and get a job? The answer will surprise you.

What Is The Best Programming Language To Learn First?

People just getting into the world of programming and code usually get stuck with a dilemma. What programming language should I learn first? That is a fair question.

Learn To Code JavaScript The Simple Way

There are a lot of theories about the best way to learn to code JavaScript. To be honest, there is no one best way to learn anything. My approach to learning code is simple.

How To Learn Code In Half The Time

Is it possible to increase the speed of learning to code? I think it’s possible to learn in half the time. Allow me to explain…

How To Land Your First Coding Job

Landing your first coding job can be tough. You might feel like the whole world is against you. I get that. Here is how to land your first coding job…