They laughed at me when I sat down to the keyboard, but when I started to type…

Hi, my name is Brian Knapp and a few years ago I had an idea…

I believe if I answer common questions from other programmers on the internet, I bet I can help a lot of people. Along the way, it’d give me a good excuse to practice my writing. Seemed like a win-win scenario.

I tried to pitch this idea to other people - friends, co-workers, and family members. They all sort of rolled their eyes at me. I always got the vibe of either “Why would you do that?” or “That’s a terrible idea, that will never work!”

A couple times I even tried to write articles or blog for companies I worked for to show them how good of an idea this was. Even when thousands of people showed up to read my articles, they doubted me.

Gosh, that sucked. I mean really, do you ever have that feeling where you KNOW something to be true in your guts and people just don’t believe you, even if you’re right? Yeah, it was that. So, off and on for years this idea bugged me and I kept circling back to it in different ways.

At one point I even created a software tool based around this idea and tried to sell it. No buyers. Maybe everyone was right after all? I don’t know, it was all very discouraging at the time.

And then a few years ago I discovered a website called Quora.

It was a place almost built upon the core of my “crazy” belief - if you provide useful answers to people’s questions, you can help a lot of people.

So, I started writing answers to a few questions about programming and writing and finance. These were all things that I liked to study and write about. It seemed like an easy way for me to practice putting my thoughts and ideas into coherent answers.

For a long time I wrote sporadically on Quora. Most articles only got a few hundred views and it wasn’t really changing the world. I hadn’t found my voice yet, but it was a good opportunity to practice. So I kept practicing.

After writing a lot of articles (probably 50-100) something strange happened… one of my programming answers got noticed. All of a sudden thousands of people were reading my work. Not just reading, but really enjoying and learning!

I took notice and instead of writing about random topics, I focused on people like me - Programmers, Coders, Software Engineers! This was much more fun because I really love to write software and and I really love to write about writing software. (Yes, that is meta)

Before I knew it, I found myself writing on Quora nearly every day about code, technology, and career related issues. People from all around the world now read what I write. It’s a very strange and wonderful place to be.

As of the beginning of 2019, my Quora answers have been viewed over 8,000,000 times!

If that’s all that came of this, it would be a blessing. But, that is only the tip of the iceberg…

You see, at some point I realized that I can do more than write answers on Quora. I can do even more by creating an email newsletter to help other programmers directly! So I did that and thousands of people subscribed to the Code Career Genius Newsletter.

In fact, you might already be a subscriber, so thank you for that. I hope I’ve helped your career and life in some useful way.

I really enjoy doing the newsletter because I get to interact with you and find out directly what you need and how I can help you achive your dreams and goals.

There are two big things that people asked me for once I started the newsletter.

  1. People want a mentor to guide them in their career

  2. People want to learn to code or further improve their skills

The first thing on that list turned into the Coaching Program. That is where I guide you through a program of career/life improvement designed to make their dreams a reality. It’s not for everyone, but for the right kind of person the change is dramatic.

The second thing on the list turned into the Code Career Genius Academy. That is really what this page is about.

What happened is this…

I started the Coaching Program and it was too expensive and time consuming for a lot of my readers. Also, my coaching is aimed more at established programmers in the middle of their career looking to go to the next level than with those of you who are just getting started.

I needed something for people who were just getting started…

So I created the course Zero To Journal In 30 Days With Python. It’s a video course that takes you from zero knowledge or experience of programming and in just 30 days takes you step by step through the process of creating your own working software application with Python.

In my opinion, it is the best way I know for someone to get started programming. Finally I have an aswer to the question “How do I learn how to code?” for the hundreds of times I get asked that. This is both a relief and a much better answer to that question for thousands of would-be programmers around the world.

However, there is a problem. I can’t just give the course away. I’ve learned the hard way that if something is given to someone for free, they don’t value it and they don’t use it. A free course would get ignored and I want to help people become successful programmers!

And it needed to be affordable. That is to say, I wanted this program to be within the reach of nearly every person I meet. So, it had to be priced more like a cell phone plan than a college course.

My friend Chris, who runs an online hypnosis school gave me the inspiration to not just sell the Zero To Journal With Python course, but to create an Academy - a larger collection of courses and training that are all purchased as an affordable monthly subscription.

It’s like a Netflix for your software career.

… and so the Code Career Genius Academy was born.

For just $34/month you get access to my collection of courses, books, and other training videos designed to improve your skills and make your success inevitable.

Each month I’m adding new content, new courses, and extra bonus materials that aren’t published anywhere else. So, every month your investment in yourself goes a little further and you have even more opportunities to level up your skills.

To sign up just click the button below and you’ll be taken to the shopping cart where you can pay with Credit Card or PayPal. Just enter your payment information and purchase your subscription. Like Netflix, you will be automatically billed each month and you can cancel any time.

Join Code Career Genius Academy

Thank you for your time and I look forward to helping you inside the Academy.